For Gig Workers

Instant Access to Your Earnings

If the gig platform you work for partners with Payfare, you can enroll for a free digital banking app and payment card that provides instant access to your earnings at zero cost.

Free Digital Banking
Payfare provides a full-featured digital banking experience enabling workers to use their cards anywhere. We offer the same fundamental services that the traditional banks do. There are no signup or annual fees, no minimum account balance and no credit check required.
  • Pay bills

  • Transfer funds

  • Save toward goals

  • Withdraw cash from ATMs

  • Spend in-store or online

Cash-Back Rewards
Payfare helps you earn even more with relevant cashback rewards on the things you need and regularly spend money on.
  • Gas

  • Vehicle repairs

  • Food

  • And other business expenses

Your hard earned money is safe with insured funds and fraud protection. Also enjoy convenient and secure contactless purchases using your Google Pay or Apple Pay mobile wallet.
What Users Are Saying
Amazing App!
Love the rewards system and the business look of the debit card. The app is super easy to maneuver and is quick with Lyft earning deposits. Will start to sync other bank accounts to my Lyft Direct account to see how quick those transfers are. Otherwise no complaints so far. Good work Lyft!
Dalisia Marriott-King
Seriously Get Lyft Direct!
It is a faster way to receive your money from Lyft. You can also use this card to pay bills and make purchases. I really enjoy using my Lyft Direct card.
Charlotte McQueen
Very convenient!
I love that we no longer have to cash out or wait for a direct deposit weekly or biweekly. You make money as soon as your ride is complete. I’m extremely grateful for this debit card (which also has cash back rewards) and the entire Lyft company… Goodbye 9 to 5!
Tamera Pratt

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