A Message From Our CEO

The nature of work in the 21st century is rapidly evolving. Underlying the modern workforce is a continuing unbroken thread: people gain connection, purpose and dignity from their jobs.

Our purpose is to enable the world’s leading on-demand economy platforms to deliver financial security and peace of mind to their often under-banked workforces. Conceptualized in 2015 in the backseat of countless Uber rides by listening to and engaging with Uber drivers, we created a fintech solution to achieve this vision: by providing instant payouts; digital banking; and loyalty rewards for Gig Workers globally.

We are grateful to be supporting the new Gig Economy in a meaningful way, particularly as the sector continues to experience rapid growth, providing valued and in-demand work to thousands around the world.

The global COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in on-demand products and services, demonstrating the essential nature of the Gig Economy. Consumers stayed home and turned to online services to meet their essential needs like food, grocery, and pharmaceutical delivery; transportati