For Gig Platforms

A Payout Solution that Represents Today

Workers choose to get into the gig economy for a multitude of reasons: flexibility, independence and control. Having a versatile payout solution pairs well with this style of work, unlike traditional banking.

Empower your workers with instant access to their earnings and a free digital banking solution that fits their financial needs and work lifestyle.

of workers live paycheck to paycheck and nearly half cannot cover a $400 unexpected expense.
Financially stressed workers pay
annually in fees & interest on payday loans, overdraft & credit cards.
of workers say they would join a gig platform or do more gig work if they were paid faster.
Worker financial stress costs companies over
annually per worker in lost productivity.

Improve Your Bottom Line by Improving
the Daily Lives of Your Workers.

  • Increase productivity

  • Attract new workers

  • Improve retention

  • Increase engagement

  • Reduce turnover

  • Drive more supply hours

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Keep workers loyal

  • Enable financial inclusion

  • Reward performance

A Turn-Key Solution
to Modernize Worker Pay.

Flexible Integration

Payfare offers a full API suite and a turn-key private label solution with options that are adaptable to your business needs. Integration can be quick and simple requiring minimal engineering resources.

Payout Versatility at Zero Cost

Choose from multiple worker payout options, like on-demand or automatically each day or after each task, shift or sale. Your cost per payout transaction is zero.

Quick to Market Solution

Roll-out Payfare’s instant pay solution to your workforce in as little as 8 weeks. We manage the entire program on your behalf.

Available to Your Entire Workforce

Take advantage of a payout solution that benefits all of your workers.

How Payfare Works

Worker Downloads App

Gig worker downloads the ‘powered by Payfare’ co-branded digital banking app from the App Store or Google Play and has immediate access to their funds and banking services in-app.

Card is Issued to Worker

Gig worker is instantly issued a virtual card which can be added to their Apple Pay or Google Pay mobile wallet. A physical co-branded card is also mailed out to worker or issued in person.

Platform to Worker Payouts

Platform sends payout requests to Payfare and funds are deposited to the worker’s card in real-time.

Worker has Instant Access to Funds

Gig worker has instant access to their funds to:
• Spend in-store or online.
• Withdraw cash from ATMs.
• Pay bills.
• Transfer funds.
• Save toward goals.
• And more
Reward Your Workers

Payfare helps your gig workers earn even more with relevant cashback rewards on everyday expenses such as gas, vehicle repairs, food and more.

  • Gas

  • Vehicle repairs

  • Food

  • And other business expenses

Trusted by Some of the World’s Largest Gig Platforms:

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